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The Beauty of Buying Bulk Natural Oils



There is a growing trend to buy everything ‘en masse’ with superstores like Costco and a range of online retailers making it convenient and more economically viable to stock up on the essentials in life. One particular facet of stocking up that may not always be considered but has unwavering benefits is the purchasing of bulk natural oils directly from the wholesalers.

Of course there is a dark side to every moon, the dangers of over-purchasing are still rife through all industries with wastefulness often a major factor in the debate between the pros and cons of purchasing large quantities. Bulk natural oils have a slight advantage over many other excess purchases due to the wide array of uses it potentially has for you and your home.

Today we will explore the advantages of buying these products and a few of the ways you can utilise them effectively if you’ve bought a few too many.


The Key Advantages to Buying ‘En Masse’

There are several advantages to buying bulk natural oils, with the most notable being that you save immeasurably with discounted prices often being attributed to larger orders, this cost price advantage is notable across all industries of course, but is more so in the case of essential extracts. Retail prices in smaller amounts of these products are often quite pricey for what you receive. Having the added advantage of a larger amount of stock on hand will also save you time in the long run with fewer trips having to be made to stock up on the essentials that you require.

There’s also an element of knowing where you are getting your products from when you purchase bulk natural oils from a wholesaler or warehouse, more often than not the products that you purchase are from unknown sources or no source information at all, by going for bulk natural oils you have a more assured feeling of knowing where your products came from and less hesitance in using them ethically.

The bonus is also that most wholesalers will have a delivery service at their disposal which is able to have a wider breadth of access for consumers who are often stuck with a limited range of choices for organic products. Always bear in mind that many companies will claim many beneficiaries without evidence, always research before you buy to ensure you can trust the source you’re buying from.

Since bulk natural oils are not perishables in the common sense, they also tend to have a longer shelf life than the average Costco purchase which means you will typically have more time to use them in a variety of manners without feeling unnecessarily rushed to do so.

What Can Be Done with Excess Bulk Natural Oils?

Of course, there are times where too much of a good thing, could be a great thing. There is an infinite array of methods to using your bulk natural oils to the best of their ability. With the established longer shelf life and savings across the board, there’s no reason not to jump on the bandwagon and try out a few of these tips for the excess stock you may have acquired:

Freshen The Air You Breathe;

One of the more popular aspects of bulk natural oils is their variety of aromatic pleasantries. With the range of essentials providing a grounded and desirable scent associated with the plant matter they are derived from. One of the more popular uses of bulk natural oils is to use a diffuser, which naturally breaks down the essential oil to smaller particles and disperses them through the air in a safe manner. Almost immediately the enticing fragrant aromas are noticeable and give life to whichever room they are placed in.

Depending on the bulk natural oils you buy, there is a range of potentially symphonic aromas that can be achieved for particular rooms around the home, experimenting with different combinations and different aromas for different rooms will give your home a veritable personality for each space. There are also a wide variety of diffusers on the market with varying capabilities, be sure to get one equipped with a timer that you can adjust as you see fit.

Freshen The Air You Breathe

Disinfect the Old-Fashioned Way

One principal complaint from a lot of modern consumers is the unnecessary overload of thickened chemical disinfectants and bug repellants that are on the market. One aspect of certain bulk natural oils is the therapeutic qualities that their plant sources contained that are still present in the essentials after being extracted. Citronella for instance has been used for generations as an efficient mosquito repellant and with a handy diffuser or proper dilution and application, you could have a cleaner and more organic sensation than the classic Aeroguard options.

Then you have the issue of disinfectant, so many options and so many chemicals are laced in many products with the claims of disinfecting your home. Often with manufactured fragrances that leave an off taste in your nose. Using some guides online and some organic diluted lavender or tea tree essential extracts and you’ll find the naturally occurring disinfecting components of the bulk natural oils come to life and leave a naturally pleasant-smelling aroma without the excess chemical after-taste.

Spruce Up Your Soaps and Creams

One of the more fun utilities of bulk natural oils is their ability to be incorporated into various homemade beauty products, creams, and soaps, adding a fragrant aroma and some naturally occurring skin beneficiaries that are associated from whence they came. The usage of bulk natural oils in beauty products isn’t new, but it can be unassailably simple if you choose some of the more commonly used scents and the possibilities are endless when it comes to combinations you can use.

Always wanted to make your own soap? It is actually not too time-consuming or difficult to get started and has a relatively low cost for production, especially if you use bulk natural oils, there is an array of how-to guides all over the internet as well to help you get started.

Giving the Gift of Nature

If you’re still looking at ways to use your bulk natural oils, you can always give the gift of nature to loved ones and close families. Packaging up a few of the more aromatically pleasing varieties you have with a little diffuser set and you have got a last-minute gift sorted for a loved one that may have slipped your mind. Due to their potent nature and longer shelf life, having a few excess bottles in reserve is certainly tailor-made for situations like this, bulk natural oils are certainly the gift that keeps on giving.

In the end, having access to bulk natural oils and wholesalers around the country and the world are a blessing to the modern-day nature enthusiast. The monetary savings alone are worth the initial investment over the retail alternatives. Having an array of bulk natural oils also give credence to creating something new, with the infinite mixtures of scents and aromas at your disposal.

As always though, only buy what you need and do not overspend unless you’ve got a few plans up your sleeve and need the aid of bulk natural oils.

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Christian Bale’s physical transformations for movies – from skinny to huge



Christian Bale

Christian Bale is responsible for some of the most drastic physical transformations shown on the big screen. From very skinny in “The Machinist” to huge playing The Batman in “The Dark Knight”, Bale’s physicality range knows no bounds. A dedicated actor in his art, Bale commits all the way for his roles and continuously delivers in both his on screen performance as well as his on screen appearance.

These are some of Christian Bale’s physical transformations on the big screen.

The Machinist

Four months prior to the production of “The Machinist”, Bale started to lose weight for this role. Starting at 180 pounds, Bale dropped an unbelievable 60 pounds to look extremely skinny. His diet during this time included one coffee, an apple and water. He also chain smoked cigarettes and drank whiskey to further lose weight. His dedication is revealed on the screen, with Bale looking scraggly and dangerously skinny.

Batman Begins/The Dark Knight

Bale put on 100 pounds for his role as The Batman, doing so in an unbelievable 6 months from his end of role in “The Machinist”. He used a typical workout body part split to focus on different muscle groups on different days. The effect is noticeable, The Batman looking large and intimidating on screen.

American Hustle

This role required Bale to pack on the weight again, but this time not through working out. He ate cheeseburgers, donuts and whatever else he could get his hands on for two months in order to get to 200 pounds, and visibly fatter. The effect is obvious on screen, with Bale sporting a belly and obviously looking much rounder when compared to “The Dark Knight”.

Christian Bale is a master of physical transformations, and he commits to his roles. From ridiculously skinny, to ripped and muscled, to fat and overweight, Bale can and will do it for a worthwhile movie role.

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Zac Efron’s daily routine for his Baywatch body



Zac Efron

It’s no secret that Zac Efron was a teenage heart throb, but in Baywatch he unveiled a whole other level of fitness. Trained by Patrick Murphy, the famous celebrity fitness trained who has coached the likes of numerous Hollywood A-listers. These include Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel and Alexandra Daddario.

Efron’s transformation in Baywatch was phenomenal, and to get that to happen, Murphy had to create workouts that would change overtime, to continue to progressively overload Efron. This was done in order for Efron to never plateau in his muscle gain.

His routine consisted of full body workouts, power and strength training, balance and stability training, lifeguard training, obstacle course training and so much more. Rep schemes, lifting styles and set schemes were all thrown at Efron but changed up continuously on the daily. With an impressive workout ethic, Efron managed to get through this all and become shredded for his role.

Furthermore, Efron followed an eating plan (diet is everything) to go with his fitness routine. He needed a diet that would fuel his body consistently with such hard workouts being completed. In order for this to occur, a highly nutritious diet is required. A few examples from his diet include brown rice meals, quinoa, fresh fruits and vegetables, complex carbs and lean sources of protein. Majority of the time Efron would follow this diet, however he would allow himself 3 cheat meals a month. It is important to have some cheat meals as continuously following a rigorous diet and workout routine can lower your morale without sometimes giving in to allow yourself to enjoy food you crave.  This could be used as a reward system, and is crucial to many people’s fitness success.

Efron got ripped for his role in Baywatch through a very rigorous exercise routine which was constantly being switched up, as well as a dedicated, highly nutritious diet.

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How Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson builds and maintains muscle



The Rock has been a staple in many action movies on the big screen for some time now, as well as being a wrestling superstar. And usually within these roles, he plays the big bad looking guy, and we mean really big. The Hollywood heavyweight seems to have an impossible physique that exudes masculinity. But with the busy schedule of a movie star, how does he manage to build then maintain a physique like that?

Here is how Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson builds and maintains muscle.

Always look to progress

Johnson believes in progressive overload, which is to do with continually pushing your body to new heights once workouts get easy. You should be careful as you can injure yourself if you up it too quickly, however this is the way to ensure you progress.

It is important to listen to your body

The way your body responds to things is the only thing you should listen to. If you are trying a new workout, you must see how your body reacts to it. If it reacts well and you get good gains, then continue to follow it. If not, maybe it’s not the workout routine for you. More so, if your body is telling you that there is pain, then usually it is not a good thing. Pushing through joint or muscle pain (not the good kind!) can leave you with injuries that can persist for a long time.

Go hard in the gym

When in the gym, really give everything you’ve got. All your frustrations can be let out in the gym, and giving it your all also ensures that you’ll get a good workout and the most out of it.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has an impressive physique, which he says can be achieved naturally with a dedicated diet and a dedicated workout routine.


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